Max Payne punches the final button on January 22.

by: Nathaniel -
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I've never seen, in all my years of gaming, a better game get as unfairly maligned as Max Payne 3.  Poor Max took a beating over misplaced nostalgia, negatively perceived industry trends, and changing developers all while Max Payne 2 - which was simply a terrible rehash of the original - got off scot-free because it came out during a less cynical time.

Aw, well, it's all in the past now that Rockstar has announced that Max will say goodbye on January 22nd when the last piece of Max Payne 3 downloadable content is released.

Called The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack, it will feature all-new cooperative and competitive modes, new weapons, new bursts, new items, and new achievements and trophies.

The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack will run you 800 Microsoft Points/$9.99 (unless you own a Rockstar Pass - then it's free) and will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.