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You say you want a Revelation? Wait, that’s not right (Resident Evil)

by: Jeremy -
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Resident Evil: Revelations has long been considered one of the best titles available for the Nintendo 3DS. We gave it high marks when it launched early last year, and many other media outlets did too. The only problem is that that game was, at least at that time, exclusive to Nintendo’s handheld, which left a lot of gamers out in the cold who might want to experience the game. That might be changing very, very soon...

A full list of Xbox 360 achievements was recently unearthed lending a ton of credibility to rumors that the game was going to be ported to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Capcom is still remaining mum on the existence of the port of the title, but between these achievements and the recent rating on a South Korean ratings board, they are going to have to make an official statement soon. Capcom’s annual Captivate is coming up soon as well, which could narrow the window as to when we could hear something official.