Final Episode of "Playing Dead" and a bonus episode!

by: Nathan -
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Its been quite a journey for everyone when it comes to The Walking Dead videogame by Tell-Tale games and the final episode of "Playing Dead" has been released which documents the development of the game. 

In the final episode "It All Ends Here" AJ LoCasico talks with developers Sean Vanman, Jake Rodkin and Seas Ainsworth to discuss what went into creating the final episode "No Time Left". We also get some interview time with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who shared his thoughts on the season finale and the choices he made. Finally they sit down with Dave Fennoy the voice of Lee Everett. 

Tell Tale has also released a bonus episode where they sit down with Terry McGovern the voice of Larry from the game. Terry also discusses his involvement in the original Back To The Future movie. 

Check them out below!