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Defiance gets a massive new trailer and a beta date

by: Chuck -
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I was pretty jazzed about Defiance when I saw it at E3 this year.  There's a certain amount of audacity that goes into trying to link a video game to a TV show but I think the folks at Trion have a shot at pulling this off (despite some recent issues).  The video game portion is an action oriented MMO and will feature some fairly large battles for players to engage in.  How big you ask?  Well let's take a look at this trailer which shows off some fairly ginormous battles.

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If that whets your appetite for the game be sure to sign up for the first beta of the game which will run from January 18th-January 20th.  The beta will only be available to PC players so the console folks are are going to have to wait a bit to try the game out.