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I'm not a Toys 'R Us kid

by: Chuck -
It's sad when you have dreams about getting in a line to pre-order something isn't it?  Well that happened this morning and it's what woke me up around 4am this morning.  I was already planning on getting up at 4:30 AM and heading out to the Sawmill store to try and acquire a PS3 pre-order from the second happiest place on Earth.  I don't know about anybody else but getting up that early to pay $50 which will then allow me to spend another $550 or so made me feel a little foolish but I decided against better judgement and trek out to the store.  So I packed up the DS which I had left charging overnight and a few games (sorry Dr. Kawashima it's too damn early for you) I headed out to the store.

It's only a short 20 minute drive from the hamlet of Hilliard to the store and I arrived shortly after 5AM (I had a nice discussion with one of Dublin's finest about why you don't do 80+ MPH on the highways, thankfully I just got a warning).  My heart sank immediately as there were already 15 plus people in line.   Hoping that some of them were there strictly for the Wii I parked the car and stood in line.  I chatted with a few people in line and found that some of them had been in line since 2:00 the previous day.  I brought up the fact that Kotaku had reported that stores were going to get around ten units.  "Well they are wrong, this store is only getting five units" replied a woman standing in line following that up with a snarky "I hope you didn't want one of those".  Well since I did I bailed and went back home.  I didn't have the heart to tell the woman she was standing in line for something that she probably would be able to walk in launch day and get.  Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to get my ass in line early at Best Buy next month.