Multiplayer details for Tomb Raider

by: John -
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It wasn't too long ago when Eidos Montreal confirmed there would be multiplayer in the new Tomb Raider game. Now, details have come out from someone who's summarized the article that will be in the February issue of OXM detailing the feature.

Three modes were talked about so far with the general Deathmatch being one of them. The second pits a team trying to bring med packs to certain locations with another team opposing them. The third mode, Cry for Help, sounds like it will involve discovery and collections of some sort.

Certain features that are in the single player have been sped up for multiplayer, but no details were given. There are some QTE's (I can hear you groan) and players can choose the same character on the team. 

More and more details should be coming out soon, but those are the initial things so far for the latest adventures, or should I say first adventures, of Lara Croft.
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