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News Roundup: Superman Returns to a World in Conflict

by: Randy -
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Thanks to Killer Betties, MMORPG.com, and Atomic Gamer for today's News Roundup.

Editorials, Previews
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online is leaving behind Stormreach and headed for the desert.  Preview Module 3: Demon Sands.
  • Don't have the patience to play MMOs?  Check out Robert Fitzgerald's column, "MMOADD."
  • Killer Betties make Contact with the Nintendo DS.  Find out why even diehard RPG fans should be wary.
  • Preview Need for Speed Carbon for the Xbox 360, and see if you should be hitting the gas or the breaks on this one.
Videos, Screens
  • See the World in Conflict in a range of resolutions: WMV/Low, WMV/High, QT/Low, and QT/High.
  • Or witness the Legend of Spyro in nearly as many formats: WMV/Low, WMV/Hit, and QT/Low.
  • Miniguns incite fear.  See F.E.A.R. Extraction Point's minigun trailer: WMV/Low, WMV/High.
  • Let me tell you some Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories: Trailer #3 is yours for your iPod, PSP, WMV/Low, WMV/High, QT/Low, and QT/High.
  • Superman Returns with a "Writers" trailer.
  • Check out the next generation of Sonic the Hedgehog, PS3-style.
  • Ay yo, I got this.  Check out the NBA 2K7 Who's Got Next movie.
  • The latest trailer for Guild Wars Nightfall sees daybreak.
  • No, Eragon isn't the state between Washington and California.  New trailers for it come in low, med., and high res.
  • Atomic Gamer finally broke the MMORPG.com exclusive screenshots streak for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising (and it keeps lookin' better n' better).