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Xbox 360 to get three new Tropico 4 DLC packs

by: Nathaniel -
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Has it been a while since you last let your inner-dictator out to play?  If your answer is yes, then maybe now is a good time to think about getting the guy some air because the Xbox 360 version of Tropico 4 is set to receive three new DLC packs: Megalopolis, Pirate Heaven, and Vigilante.  

All three pack are available for download right now for 400 Microsoft Points each (that's 5 bucks).

Hopefully the screenshots are enough to whet your whistle.  For more information, follow the jump.

Three New Tropico 4 DLC Packs Arrive on Xbox 360

Megalopolis, Pirate Heaven, and Vigilante DLC packs expand upon everyone’s favorite city-building game

Ridgewood, NJ, December 12, 2012 – Kalypso Media USA is pleased to announce that three new DLC packs are available today for Tropico 4 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Priced at 400 Microsoft Points each, these three DLC packs offer new missions, character costumes and character traits for everyone’s favorite dictator -- El Presidente.  The Megalopolis, Pirate Heaven, and Vigilante DLC packs are available from the Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for Xbox 360 now, and offer players an exciting way to expand upon the much-loved city-builder, Tropico 4.

Megalopolis DLC contents -
  • Can you build the most expansive island cities? A new mission will challenge you to do just that.
  • A new building, the Conventillo, offers cheap housing with plenty of room to spare, but degrades over time and has to be frequently repaired
  • The new bureaucrat trait lets you build cheaper residential buildings while earning more profits from the new “building permit” edict
  • Dress for the part with the Mayor costume, which includes a monocle, dress suit and special necklace
  • Pirate Heaven DLC contents –
  • Dress like a pirate: New “Pirate Queen” outfit available for female avatars
  • Set sail for treasure: Engage in piracy and fill your Tropican coffers with loot
  • New island defenses: Defend your island from those who might not look fondly upon your pirate ambitions
  • Vigilante DLC contents –
  • El Presidente becomes a masked hero, protecting the citizens of his island from criminals
  • Lock ‘em away: a new building, the Labor camp, puts convicts to work for the betterment of the island
  • Who’s that masked hero: a new character trait, the Alter Ego, reduces crime on the island while boosting tourism and impressing the Tropican nationals
  • Put on a new face: a new costume, Zorro, allows El Presidente to become a masked hero to the people
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