Happy Birthday to Doom!

by: Nathan -
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December 10th 1993. The date when a first person shooter would be released and the gaming industry would never be the same again. It was also the date that parents and concerned adults would have a heart attack at the massive gorefest that would soon make their way into kids hands everywhere. It was the day that the original Doom was released. 

The original Doom is without a doubt my favorite videogame of all time and I still play it to this day. In my opinion the game was just perfect.   It had an easy difficulty for beginners new to FPS (which were a lot of people) but if you felt like an additional challenge you could bump up the difficulty 4 more times.

I think what makes Doom so replayable is that it was almost a puzzle game within an FPS. The stages were all laid out like mazes which made it so fun to play through. The music, graphics and sound were amazing as well. When you heard that Cyberdemon growl and you hear his massive footsteps getting louder and louder, your heart would start racing and you knew you were about to meet your maker. 

I still have yet to complete the game on Nightmare difficulty but I do know that it still makes for a very fun and very intense challenge to this day. Even if I do complete it on Nightmare difficulty I still have an endless number of custom maps I can play on the PC. 
Anyways the guys from Classic Game Room have put together an awesome video in their "On this day in gaming" series for the game Doom. Check it out!