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Capcom to release a new Mega Man game on December 17th...and I'm not talking about Rockman XOver

by: Russell -
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Mega Man fans rejoice.  Capcom is actually releasing a new Mega Man game for the 25th anniversary of the franchise other than the horrid Rockman XOver.  Street Fighter X Mega Man (yes, pronounced Street Fighter Cross Mega Man) was shown in skeleton form to Christian Svensson from Capcom back at EVO 2012.  From there it got shown around at Capcom, and now it's actually being released as a free PC download on December 17th over on the Capcom Unity forums.  Basically you still control Mega Man in all his 8-bit glory, and you have Street Fighter characters in 8-bit form standing in for the Robot Masters...and yes, you can gain their powers.

For more info, head over the the Unity Forums and check out the trailer below.

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