New apps launching on Xbox Live soon

by: Nathan -
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If you didn't have enough apps on your Xbox already, Microsoft is ready to give you a few more. Launching today we have....
  • Rhapsody (Launching in the USA) - Rhapsody will allow you to choose from a catalog of millions of songs. You can create playlists and enjoy the music all night long. New music is released every single week and they also have features so you can pick out music based on whats features, popular, or genre.
  • Blip.TV (Launching in the USA) - Blip lets you discover, watch and share the best original web shows. Hundreds of shows are available from dramas, comedies, lifestyle, sports and more. 
  • IGN (Now available in Canada) - Allows you to watch all of IGN's original video content, live streams, reviews, and other shows such as the IGN Pro League and the Daily Fix. 
  • LOVEFiLM UK (Updating in the UK) - Lets you watch thousands of LOVEFiLM movies streamed right to your Xbox. 
  • LOVEFiLM Deutschland (Launching in Germany) The same as LOVEFiLM for the UK but will now be available in Germany. 
  • RTL XL (Launching in the Netherlands - Allows you to watch the best RTL programming through the Xbox
  • TOU.TV (Launching in Canada) - French-language entertainment web TV Site featuring over 2,000 hours of free video content from across the French-speaking world.