For Max, every memory is payneful

by: Nathaniel -
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Poor Max Payne.  If he was a teenager instead of a grizzled old cop, he'd be so emo even his hair would cut itself.

The latest downloadable content pack for Max Payne 3 is out now for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  It's called the Painful Memories Pack because Max is incapable of having a memory that isn't painful - in fact most of them seem to involve massive shoot outs.

The Painful Memories Pack comes with four new maps.  Two of them are Roscoe Street Subway and Marty's Bar (I don't know why the other two aren't named).  It also comes with the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, new avatars, items, and the Hangover Burst that causes enemies to respawn with blurred vision, reduced stamina, and reduced health.

You can download it right now for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99, or if you purchased the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass, you can download it for free (the Rockstar Pass is $29.99/2400MSP).