Otomo "Gunpowder" Clan Pack now available for Total War SHOGUN 2

by: Nathan -
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Total War SHOGUN 2 is getting some new DLC today and with it brings new buildings, new units a new clan trait and a customized tech tree. The pack will offer a fresh take on the SHOGUN 2 gameplay by introducing a new clan that will be focused on converting its countrymen to Christianity. Adopting gunpower weapons and western technology players can expect a new campaign experience for the game

Also of note that a new patch is being released for all players of SHOGUN 2, The Fall of The Saurai and the Otomo Clan pack which will decrease load-times and reduce the base install-size of both files. The patch will also bring a number of bug-fixes and improvements. 

You can check out the details of the patch at the official wiki site http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/otomo

The DLC is available now and will cost you $4.99. Its currently available on Steam

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