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Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is readying the next Xbox for next holiday season

by: John -
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I've longed held the belief that Microsoft and Sony will release new consoles next year. It seems about that time and the Xbox 360 will be 8 years old by then. Bloomberg's citing people familiar with the plans that Microsoft's going to go ahead next year with the next Xbox.

The story also goes on to say Microsoft is still mulling over whether to unveil it at E3 or have an event of their own. For the Xbox 360, Microsoft used a TV special on MTV to show off the shiny white box way back when on May 12th of 2005. Microsoft could do the same thing here with their next console, although I personally would want it at E3 just because I'm going to be there. 

We've had leaks upon leaks so an official word coming early to mid next year about when we'll see the reveal shouldn't be too surprising. My Xbox 360's been sitting collecting dust as of late so I'd love to see something next next year around this time.