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Trailer for the next Battlefield 3 downloadable content pack Aftermath released

by: Nathan -
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Starting today on PS3 and continuing into next week on Xbox and PC Battlefield 3: Aftermath will have you fighting through shattered districts and city streets in 4 brand new maps with three new vehicles including the heavily modified troop transport and civilian vehicles upgraded to bring the pain to the enemy. 

Along with this a new game mode "Scavenger" will be release. Scavenger is an objective based game mode in which players start with only a single side arm and have to attempt to survive with their squad as they have to find more powerful weapons scattered around the battlezone. 

Finally Aftermath will bring a new crossbow weapon for more silent kills, 10 new assignments, dog tags, trophies, achivements and more. 

Battlefield 3: Aftermath will available today for PS3 Premium players and December 11th for non premium players. It will be available for Xbox and PC on December 4th for premium members and December 18th for non premium players.

Remember this content will be free for anyone that bought the Premium Edition of the game or is currently a Premium Subscriber. Premium subscriptions can be bought separately for $49.99 on the Playstation Network and PC or 4000 MS Points on Xbox.