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MechWarrior Online gets a new mech, map, and some other new goodies

by: Chuck -
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Pirahna Games has released an update to MechWarrior Online that adds a bunch of new things for mech pilots everywhere.  The first is the Cataphract, a heavy mech that's built for close in battles.  There are four variants of the Cataphract including the CTF-3D variant that I've been playing with for the last few days.  While it's fast and packs a lot of firepower the mechs have a huge cockpit area which means you want to keep moving to prevent getting shot in that area.  The mech will set you back around 3,500 MC or around 11 million Cbills depending on the variant you pick.

The patch also includes a night variant of the Frozen City map and some new sensor modules like the Beagle Active probe which increases the range of your sensors.  The game is now in open beta and it's still free to play so there's no excuse to not give the game a shot.

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