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Gaming pre-paid cards phased out by Giant Eagle

by: Dan -
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Earlier this year, I noticed that my local Giant Eagle (regional grocer predominately in OH and PA), no longer had their Microsoft pre-paid cards on display.  They used to offer 1600 and 4000 point cards in addition to 3 and 12-month Xbox Live cards.  Today, I hit their online gift card listing and noticed that Sony has also been pulled from the available options.  Previously, there were PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network cards available, but it looks like they are also gone.  Giant Eagle is my primary grocer that I use to get fuel perks, so losing these options is a bit of an annoyance when I need points or to update my subscription.
Fortunately, Kroger still has relationships with all three companies, as Nintendo DSi Point cards, PlayStation Network Cards and Microsoft Point and Xbox Live cards are still available in varying denominations, although their fuel perk system is not as good as Giant Eagle's.
One way to get around this and still pick up your Giant Eagle fuel perks is to purchase a retailer card that sells the pre-paid gaming cards such as Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us or GameStop.  While you will have to make an additional stop and purchase (or order online), you can still get the benefits of Giant Eagles fuel program.