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Crackle arrives on the PlayStation 3

by: Russell -
If you have a PlayStation 3 and a Crackle account, you can now have the best of both worlds.  Well, you probably already do have the best of both worlds if you have both, but now you can have them in one place.

The PS3 has recently released an app that allows users to view full-length movies, television series, and original programming via Crackle in the US and Canada.  Along with the app, Crackle has also re-launched on the Sony Entertainment Network and offers a new premium user experience to those who access Crackle from Sony Connected Devices.

Some of the movies and TV series that users can watch on Crackle include:
  • District 9
  • Snatch
  • The Fifth Element
  • Identity
  • Rescue Me
  • Seinfield
Plus over 40 original series.  Check out the press release for more info on Crackle, including other devices you can access it from.
New PS3™ and Upgraded Apps on Sony Connected Devices Offer Viewers Greater Access to Content from Crackle
CULVER CITY, CA (November 15, 2012) – Crackle, the multi-platform entertainment network, today unveiled a new PlayStation 3 application, making its full suite of ad-supported, full-length movies, television series and original programming more easily accessible to all PlayStation 3 users in the United States and Canada. Along with the PS3 App, Crackle recently re-launched on Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), offering a new, premium user-experience to those accessing Crackle from Sony Connected Devices such as BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray players.
Crackle remains the only service offering hundreds of Hollywood movies and TV series full-length, unedited, on demand and 100% free. The Crackle App is free to download and use, offering unlimited viewing of all movies, TV series and Crackle original programming available on Crackle.com, including top TV and film hits “Rescue Me” and DISTRICT 9.

“Crackle’s continuous advancements on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 3 and SEN, showcase the network’s success as a top source for entertainment content,” said Eric Berger, EVP Digital Networks, Sony Pictures Television. “PS3 is the perfect platform to connect with our audience and our new app provides them with an easy way to access the exact type of content they are looking for.”
Providing high-quality video streaming, the Crackle App for PlayStation is available to all PS3 users for download. The interface offers a unique experience where users can find content quickly by type or genre; discover featured programming such as Recommended Watchlists; use the PlayStation 3 analog stick for easy navigation when selecting programming, and more. The new app builds on Crackle’s existing presence on the PlayStation Home virtual world.

More than 200 films and 1,000 full-length television episodes are available to watch for free on the app. All films are delivered uncut and unedited — the way they were meant to be viewed — and are continuously refreshed, with new titles added every month. A sampling of the Crackle App’s current content offerings in the U.S. include:
•                    DISTRICT 9
•                    STEP BROTHERS
•                    BOYZ N’ THE HOOD
•                    SNATCH
•                    DICK
•                    THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE
•                    THE FIFTH ELEMENT
•                    IDENTITY
•                    KUNG FU HUSTLE
•                    LOSER
•                    LAYER CAKE
•                    SAVING SILVERMAN
•                    STRANGER THAN FICTION
•                    “Rescue Me”
•                    “Seinfeld”
•                    Thousands of episodes of the world’s most loved Anime series including hit titles such as “Blood+” and “Kurozuka” as well as the Marvel Anime series “Wolverine,” “X-Men” and “Ironman”
•                    Two new original series: “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” featuring Jerry Seinfeld and “From the Basement,” a music series from Nigel Godrich, the producer of Radiohead.
•                    Plus over 40 other originals including: “The Ropes,” “Issues,” “The Bannen Way,” “Jailbait,” “Backwash,” and more.
With the Canadian app, PS3 viewers in Canada can access Crackle movies and TV series including:
•                    BIG DADDY
•                    REIGN OVER ME
•                    AIR FORCE ONE
•                    SNATCH
•                    STRANGER THAN FICTION
•                    ANACONDA
•                    QUARANTINE
•                    RUDY
•                    GROUNDHOG DAY
•                    HOLLOW MAN
•                    GLORY
•                    THE BIG HIT
•                    THE FAN
•                    PASSENGERS
•                    WILD THINGS
•                    “Boondocks”
•                    Marvel Anime series “Wolverine,” “X-Men” and “Ironman”
•                    “The Spectacular Spider Man”
Along with the PS3 system and Sony Connected Devices, Crackle is accessible on an expanding distribution network including Sony and other manufacturers’ Android phones and tablets; the iPhone, iPad and iPod; Roku players; Xbox LIVE service; and Windows Phones, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Tablet devices and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, among others. A full list of Crackle’s extended availability can be found on www.crackle.com/outreach/platforms.
Crackle, Inc.
Crackle, Inc. is a multi-platform next-generation video entertainment network that distributes digital content including original series and full-length traditional programming from Sony Pictures’ vast library of television series and feature films in addition to the libraries of other studios. Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainment destinations on the Internet, mobile and over-the-top devices, offering audiences high-quality programming in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, sci-fi, horror and music. Crackle reaches an impressive audience through its diverse online and mobile distribution network. Crackle is available in the US, Canada, UK, AU, Latin America and Brazil. Visit Crackle’s site at www.crackle.com or find Crackle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/crackle.