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Nuketown Zombies now included in Black Ops 2 season pass

by: Nathan -
More On: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Zombies in Black Ops 2 is as awesome as ever and this is coming from someone who hasn't really been a big zombies fan in these games. I did love the level in the original Black Ops where you got to play as JFK, Fidel Castro and others. Now for those that love zombies Treyarch has announced an extra incentive to get the Black Ops 2 season pass. Treyarch announced that season pass holders for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 will also receive the Nuketown Zombies map as an added bonus coming on Xbox first in December. Nuketown Zombies was also available in the Black Ops 2 collectors editions but if you didn't get either of those editions then you may want to think about getting the seasons pass. The seasons pass currently costs $49.99 and entitles you to four downloadable map packs released over the next year. Buying the seasons pass will save you about $10 as opposed to buying them separately.