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Nintendo Download for November 15, 2012

by: Jeremy -
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With just a few days left before Nintendo kicks off a new console generation, the various Nintendo digital stores are getting one final pre-WiiU update. There aren’t a lot of blockbusters launching with this week’s Nintendo Download, aside from Epic Mickey on the 3DS this coming Sunday. Perhaps the launch of the new console will spur an increase in quality titles from here on.
  • American Mensa Academy on Nintendo eShop
  • Dinosaur Office: Thanksgiving Special! on Nintendo Video
  • Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (available 11/18/12) on Nintendo eShop
  • Hotel Transylvania on Nintendo eShop
  • Jump Trials on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Monster Shooter on Nintendo eShop
  • Myst on Nintendo eShop
  • Working Dawgs: A-Maze-ing Pipes on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare