Skyfall mission now available for free in 007 Legends on PSN. Xbox and PC coming soon

by: Nathan -
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People who bought 007 Legends may have wondered where the advertised Skyfall mission was as it wasn't in the game at launch. Well Skyfall releases in theaters nationwide today and with it comes the Skyfall mission for 007 Legends for the Playstation Network. Available for free Skyfall finishes the 007 Legends experience in which Bond gets sent into Istanbul to hunt down a brutal assassin. The Playstation Network DLC is available today and will be available on November 20th for Xbox Live and PC. 

Now I haven't seen Skyfall yet but I would assume that the Skyfall mission is loaded with spoilers so see the movie before playing the mission in game.

We also have a trailer for the Skyfall mission so be sure to check it out below. 

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