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GTA V screenshots galore!

by: Nathaniel -
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Grand Theft Auto is the King of videogames.  Each new edition reigns as the top dog of the videogame hierarchy for a certain amount of time; and then when that time is up, a new one is chosen.  Call of Duty may stay in gamers' consciousness the longest because there's a new one every year, but if any game was deserving of a national holiday on the day it comes out (is coronated, if you will) it's GTA.

And the new King has already been chosen.  GTA V is set in Los Santos and will feature three protagonists that you'll be able to switch back and forth between at will - each with their own distinct job in a given mission, circle of friends, and free-time activities.  Thanks to gameinformer.com, the first batch of screenshots is also making the rounds today so enjoy and get ready because GTA V comes out next spring.

[via: gamesradar.com]
[source: All Games Beta]