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RUMOR: The Verge is reporting Microsoft is developing an Xbox Surface

by: John -
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Microsoft's Surface tablet arrived a few weeks ago making it Microsoft's first foray into the tablet world dominated by Apple's iPad. But, Microsoft might not be stopping there. The Verge is reporting that they are secretly developing an Xbox Surface gaming tablet.

The Xbox Surface is supposedly a 7" tablet with hardware that's tailored towards gaming. The internals can change, but the initial design sounds like it will include a custom ARM processor. Going to an Intel solution isn't out of the question though. 

Talks are that several Xbox-related facilities are locked down and uses the similar hardware production process as the Surface tablets.

I picked up a Microsoft Surface on launch day and to be honest, I haven't fiddled with it that much. The OS doesn't seem to bad, but there aren't the apps to really pull me into it yet. I will say the Type keyboard is rather awesome on it. 

A 7" gaming specific tablet would be a big gamble for Microsoft. I don't know if there's a market for it, but provided this project doesn't get the canceled sign, we might be in for something of a surprise from them with this one. 

Would you consider carrying around a tablet that was game oriented? 
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