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Claptrap season 2, coming to a tube near you.

by: Nathaniel -
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Videogame characters come and go.  Some are great, some are awful, others are completely forgettable - and then there is Claptrap, the certifiably insane C.L.4.P.-T.P. steward bot from the Borderlands franchise.  Claptrap is well on his way toward transcending what it means to be a character in a videogame.  Gearbox knows this and that's why they are giving him a second season of his critically acclaimed (by me - I'm acclaiming it right here) one-bot show called simply 'Claptrap.'    

Gearbox made the announcement earlier today via Twitter that the first episode of season 2 of the Claptrap web-series would be premiering next week.  And in case you want to catch up on season one (it's only 4 episodes and clocks in at a hair under 12 minutes) you can do so right here.

And just on the off chance that you're a linkaphobe and need more convincing to go watch them all, here is episode one of season one:

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