Where will Max be bringing the payne next?

by: Nathaniel -
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If Max Payne 3 was about anything (besides the darkness that resides in a man's soul), it was about epic set-piece shoot outs.  When I think back to the game, I think about the yacht, the gross strip club, the run down office building, the cemetery, the marina, and so on and so forth.  It's the locations that have always set Max apart from his shooter brethren, and it was no different for Max Payne 3.

The new Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation DLC pack adds four such locations to the game's multiplayer: the nightclub, the soccer stadium, the favela, and the gross strip club.  Or you can call them by their "official names:" Club Moderno, Estadio Do Galatians, Favela Heights, and O Palacia Strip Club.  Included are four detailed high rez maps of each location.  Use them to learn every nook and cranny before you ever step foot inside them when the Hostage Negotiation Pack is released next week.  

For more details, you can read the Rockstar Newswire.