New Colonial Marine screenshots feature running and chasing

by: Chuck -
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Sega has released a pair of new screenshots from Aliens:Colonial Marines. The first shows some marines running while the second shows off a Xenomorph in hot pursuit.  The design of the Xeno is a bit interesting as I'm not sure if it's a new type that's in the game or if it's just the angle of the screenshot.  

I've got my fingers crossed that the game will be good especially since they are going to try and fix a lot of the issues created by Aliens 3 but I haven't seen anything yet that makes me think that the game will be more than just a really good Aliens mod.  It is Gearbox though and if anyone can crank out a good Aliens game it would be them but I'm hoping they can capture the feel of the movies rather than just all of the audio and look of the movies.