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Ragnarok Odyssey official hacking and slashing onto the Vita this month

by: Jeremy -
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XSeed Games has finally narrowed down the release date for the Vita hack and slasher Ragnarok Odyssey. The game has been on the slate for release over the past couple months, but will finally bring its unique brand of action-RPG to the Vita on October 30, 2012.

The game brings the Ragnarok Online universe to Sony’s handheld, allowing players to take the battle on the road. The game will be available in two versions: standard ($39.99, available in both retail and digital forms) and the deluxe “Mercenary Edition” ($49.99). The deluxe package will include a randomized pack of 10 Monster Cards, a 32-track soundtrack, and a 96 page full color guide featuring art and boss strategies for the game.