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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 patch adds new characters, stages, game modes and bug fixes!

by: Nathan -
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Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 has received a free update today and adds tons of content to the game as well as fixes for characters. Did I mention it was free?

Included in the update you get

New Characters
  • Miharu
  • Slimbob
  • Sebastian
New stages
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Chilie
  • Poland

New Mode: (Online)
  • World Arena Mode
  • DECAL Customize & Equip has been added to Customize
  • Loading time for Customized characters have been reduced

New Feature:
  •  Replays can be downloaded for leader-boards
Difficulty Settings/Adjustments:
  • EASY & NORMAL difficulty settings have been lowered (made easier)
Character Update:
  • Ancient Ogre
  • Infinite Kicks glitch removed. Opponent can now block after the second rep of the kicks
  • 1)hit-box now improved. Can no longer duck certain mid-attacks.
  • 2)Kunimitsu Rising Kazura to Katon adjusted. Opponent can now Ukemi(roll) while falling to the ground.

The update should be available now for all versions