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Chris Roberts is back with Star Citizen and ready to blow you away

by: John -
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Chris Roberts was responsible for one of the most beloved franchises out there in Wing Commander. After he directed the disastrous movie, he sort of disappeared. Kinda.

Well, today he announced that he's back into the space flight sim for the PC and the game is called Star Citizen. Well, it's actually a pretty big venture. Star Citizen has been worked on the past year and Chris has some pretty ambitious plans for it. He's got this whole world he's building up and you'll be able to play various roles in the role. The game will be free to play and Chris is looking to add content constantly in a persistent universe.

What's been more talked about though was Squadron 42, which is the game within Star Citizen. It's the Wing Commander like part where you can join the military and dog fight with various ships. There's going to be discovery aspect as well as combat. Squadron 42 can be played offline by yourself or online with others.

I think this is the vision Chris had when he started FreeSpace. It sounds like an incredible open world space simulator that's going to have an incredible amount of detail. 

Now, Chris is seeking some money Kickstarter style and you can go to their web page to do some pledging. $30 will get you the game with various different amount of pledges listed. There you can see an extended video of the game.

But if you want to hear Chris talk about the game for an hour, check out Gamespot's coverage. It's pretty riveting and if you were a fan of Wing Commander, you're going to salivate with all the details Chris goes into on what he wants to do with Star Citizen.

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