The Mechromancer class in detail and you'll be able to get it by end of the day today

by: John -
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For those that pre-purchased the game or purchase the DLC, Borderlands 2 is adding the Mechromancer class to play around with. The Mechromancer has a companion named DeathTrap that follows her along and helps her out. 

Our old colleague, Tina Amini, has an in depth preview of the class and its skills over at Kotaku. She has a skill tree that can be specialized along with the hulking brute of a robot that can do massive damage to foes. Tina really seems to enjoy playing Gaige, the name of the Mechromancer and it seems like it'll be an interesting class to get into.

If you're interested to try her out, you won't have to wait long. Tina reports that you'll be able to get her by the end of day today on all platforms, a full week ahead of when she was scheduled to be released. How many times do you see DLC get pushed up rather than back these days?