007 Legends theme is online, 100% Adele free

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you're like me then you're probably lukewarm about Adele singing the theme song for Skyfall, the upcoming James Bond movie. Yeah, Adele is doing her best Shirley Bassey imitation which is...good, I guess? Well at least it doesn't sound like "Someone like you." *Shudders*

Anyhow, Eurocom has posted the into theme and video for 007 Legends, the upcoming James Bond game. The theme has been composed by Bond music legends David Arnold and Kevin Kiner. Arnold is a veteran of several Bond movie and game soundtracks, and Kiner's most recent 007 contribution was the superb score for 2010's GoldenEye remake. 

For 007 Legends, they take a lot of cues from Bassey's Goldfinger theme. That makes a lot of sense, considering Goldfinger is one of the missions in the game, but I still think the opening is too short at about 1 minute 30. Why not piece together a longer, nostalgic medley, with musical cues from all of the movie missions in the game? Well, maybe not Madonna's "Die Another Day," but...hey, the OHMSS theme is pretty cool, right? Eh, just watch the trailer.