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Atlus reveals a new trailer for Code of Princess

by: Russell -
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Code of Princess releases next Tuesday (October 9th), so in preparation of the launch, Atlus has released a new trailer that shows off some of the gameplay and makes note of a few things the game will have.  Among these are 50+ playable characters, 100+ quests, Co-op Mode, and a Vs. Mode.  One thing it doesn't mention from what I saw was whether the Co-op Mode will be online co-op or just local co-op.  Still, games like this are always fun with a friend, so I'd be happy either way.

Also, fans who purchase a launch copy of Code of Princess will receive a Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book (at participating retailers while supplies last).  The Sound & Visual Book is a collection of art work from Kinu Nishimura and music from the game's soundtrack.  Should be interesting, I like the soundtracks in Atlus games.