The Waking Dead is getting accolades

by: Sean Colleli -
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After a less-than-spectacular Jurassic Park reboot, I was worried that Telltale Games had bitten off (heh) more than they could chew. Not so, as their episodic Walking Dead series has been scooping up praise from haunted gamers and critics alike. This trailer shows a few of the obligatory accolade quotes for Episode 3: Long Road Ahead, but Telltale isn't just bragging--Episode 4 is coming out just in time for Halloween next month, with Episode 5: No Time Left coming later this year. I'll probably hold out for the full five-part series that Telltale is promising. In any case, Walking Dead seems to suit Telltale better, as I think they are primarily storytellers as opposed to action developers.

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Fellow survivors,

We’re past the half-way point in a journey you’ve been on since Telltale Games first launched its series this summer based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning graphic novels, The Walking Dead.

Over the months you’ve grown to know two of our unlikely heroes along the way: Lee Everett, a teacher and convict with a chance at redemption for his crimes; and Clementine, an eight-year old child in search of her parents last heard from in Savannah, Georgia during the outbreak.

With humanity pushed to the edge of extinction, both Lee and Clementine have endured a harrowing journey together throughout your story.  From the undead-infested streets of Macon, to the hunger and desperation of the Travelier Motel and St. John’s Dairy, all the way down the railroad tracks to the streets of Savannah, players will soon be learning what could be lurking ‘Around Every Corner.’

Episode Four, written by Gary Whitta, will be launching very soon this October, followed by the finale in Episode Five, ‘No Time Left.’  Each episode, together as a five part series, will also be launching at retail later this year.

We thank you for travelling along with us, and with our unlikely group of survivors. We can’t wait for you to see what happens next as your story unfolds. Until then, we wanted to share one last look back at Episode Three: Long Road Ahead in this latest trailer, featuring a quiet song by a man known simply as ‘Chuck.’