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There was going to be a Cabin in the Woods DLC for L4D....

by: John -
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If you haven't seen Cabin in the Woods, just stop right now and go rent it. Really, it's that good. I'm talking one of the most surprising movies I've seen and one that deserves your attention. If you haven't seen it though, you'll want to skip the link and maybe a little bit of what I going to say.

Still here?


Drew Goddard, director of Cabin in the Woods, did a Redditt AMA a few days ago. One of the questions brought up about some monsters that were reminiscent of those found in Left 4 Dead.

Well, the answer that got a lot of people excited was that there WAS going to be a Cabin in the Woods DLC for Left 4 Dead. Yes, you'd get to go through the cabin and surrounding areas as well as those that were underneath. That. Would. Have. Been. Epic.

If you've seen the movie, you know that last 15 minutes would have been such a great scene to go through. Hell, they already have a lot of the assets in the enemies you can encounter.

Sadly, it looks like it's not going to happen with MGM going bankrupt. If there's a project that would definitely need to be Kickstarted, this one should be it. I wished this wasn't even mentioned, but now I really, really want this to happen. Please, somehow make this happen. Please?