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GOG.com celebrates 4th year with a big sale

by: Sean Colleli -
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GOG.com is turning 4 this year and they're showing appreciation to their loyal fans and customers with a sales roll-out. Leading up to October 18th will be three weeks of birthday sales, and then on Thursday October 11th, one week before the 4-year anniversary, GOG will be announcing a new deal with "one of the finest indie developers of video-gaming magic." That sounds pretty cool, but to be honest they're being a bit vague. Still, it's GOG, one of the better download services to develop over the last few years, so I think they've earned a little dramatic secrecy. We'll be sure to post the big deal, whatever it is, as soon as GOG sheds more light on it.

GOG.com Celebrates 4th Birthday, Prepares a Ton of Surprises Leading up to Grand Finale on 18 October.
Big publisher promos, unusual deals, and bringing the celebrated digital service to a new frontier are all planned for the coming weeks as part of celebration.
GOG.com, the scrappy upstart digital distribution provider that's all heart (and ethernet cable) has just turned four, and they're celebrating in their usual fashion. As a distribution service, they've changed a lot over the last four years, and in the process of doing so the people who've been making the weekly (or more often!) trip to the digital storefront to see what's new has also changed: many people come to GOG.com to buy newer games, and they may have been missing out on the classics that got the site started.

To help make sure that gamers who haven’t played the great games in the GOG.com classics catalog can pick them up cheaply, GOG is giving away gifts to celebrate its birthday. Just last week, they had all of the D&D games on sale. Today, they have such timeless classics as Total Annihilation, Outcast, Master of Orion 1+2 will be available for $2.39, while other 23 Atari games will also be offered 60% off. Visit the Atari All-Star promo page to check all the games. There will be three more weeks of "birthday celebration" sales where gamers can pick up some of the greatest games ever made, all on GOG.com for substantial savings, so be sure to keep checking the site out.

On Thursday, October 11, one week before the grand finale, an unheard-of deal with one of the finest indie developers of video-gaming magic will be announced, and finally, on the 18th of October, GOG.com will go public with the biggest change to the serviece since launching from beta--and will have tons of other great news, releases, and announcements as well. Stay tuned to GOG.com, GOG.com Facebook page and Twitter account to not miss any special broadcasts in coming weeks.


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