Pentavision Global announces release date for DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE

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Well, it's coming sooner than expected and in a collectible form no less. Pentavision Global has set a release date for the Vita exclusive, DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE along with details regarding its very limited special edition. October 26th is when Vita owners will be able to pick up the arcade transplant from Amazon for $49.99 or pick up the limited edition from Pentavision directly at the Technika Tune website for $100.00. Those hoping to pick up a digital release will be able to do so shortly after launch. Pre-orders for physical copies of DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE will go live on September 24th. 

Check out the press release after the jump for the full details on what is included in the limited edition.
Gardena, CA - Pentavision Global, Inc. announces Limited Edition details, release date for DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE.

The upcoming handheld release of Pentavision’s hit arcade title, DJMAX TECHNIKA, is now set for a North American release on October, 26 2012. The game, which is available exclusively on the PlayStation®Vita console, will be available as a standalone game priced at $49.99, or a limited edition collector’s set for $100.00. Physical copies of the game will be available for purchase on and through Pentavision directly at first, with a digital release on Sony’s PlayStation Network arriving shortly after.

The limited edition set will be sold directly from Pentavision only on the official DJMAX TECHNINKA TUNE website.  Included in this limited edition package are:

- 2 Disc Original Soundtrack for DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE
- DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE VISUAL BOOK featuring artwork from the game
- DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE branded armored PS®Vita game case

The set is limited to 750 pieces in North America and will begin shipping on the 26th along with the standard copies of the game. Preorders for this limited edition set will open on Monday, September 24th on the DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE website (

DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE is the first time the fan favorite touch-based rhythm game series will be leaving arcades and making its way to player’s hands. The game has been re-worked from the ground up to make use of the PlayStation® Vita’s front and rear touch technology, as well as take advantage of the high resolution display. Internet connectivity through PlayStation® Network is also a key feature in the title.

View DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE announcement trailer:
To make the jump from arcade to handheld as smooth as possible, every song in the game has had new note patterns created from the ground up to fit the 3-lane format used in TECHNIKA TUNE. ‘Hold’ and ‘Repeater’ style notes have also been redesigned to make use of both the front or rear touch panel, allowing more flexibility in game play. Use of the rear touch screen can be enabled or disabled in the game’s options menu.

While the DJMAX franchise is known for it’s hardcore game play, TECHNIKA TUNE has been designed to feature a difficulty curve and UI that is inviting for everyone. Menus, game play, and options all make use of the touch screen and are laid out in a clean, user friendly design. Game play features 4 different modes including STAR MIXING, a-mode designed specifically with new players in mind. Seasoned players of the arcade title will be familiar with POP MIXING and CLUB MIXING, and a new FREESTYLE mode rounds out the game with the ability to choose any song you’ve unlocked for free, single shot game play.

There are more than 60 songs available in DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE, more than any previous entry in the DJMAX Portable franchise. This list spans fan favorite songs from previous entries in the DJMAX Portable and DJMAX TECHNIKA franchises, as well as new songs from in-house producers, and even songs from popular Korean pop group KARA.

Inclusion of the PlayStation® Network in game allows for connectivity not previously capable in the DJMAX Portable series. New to DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE is a real-time ‘World Ranking System’. Players from Japan, Korea and North America will all be able to compare scores and rankings in real time during game play. A players ranking and scores will be reflected in game, on profile pages, and in the ranking information portion of the game. They can then post their scores and ranks straight to Facebook with the click of a button! Players will also be able to unlock trophies for their PSN account, and a great deal of in game content throughout the course of game play. More than 250 gallery images are obtainable, as well as a wide variety of DJ Profile Icons, bonus movies, note skins, and other multi-media content.

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