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Nintendo Download for September 20, 2012 (Better-late-than-never Edition)

by: Jeremy -
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I know, I know... I am a day late on the Nintendo Download, but gamers still want to know what titles are hitting Nintendo’s digital services this week. Without further ado, you can now find the following on the various Nintendo services:
  • THE “DENPA” MEN: They Came by Wave (demo version available) on Nintendo eShop
  • LA-MULANA on Nintendo WiiWare
  • Meat or Die: Naomi on Nintendo Video
  • Retro Pocket on Nintendo eShop and DSiWare
  • Rising Board 3D on Nintendo eShop
Also, as a friendly reminder, we are entering into the last week that you will be able to download Pokedex 3D from the Nintendo eShop. The free application will be taken down on October 1, 2012.