News and Nuggets from Xbox Live

by: Dan -
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Xbox Live saw quite a few things occurring the last few days.  Here is a snippet of some of those items that haven't yet been reported.
1. It was announced today that the Lumines Live! Advance Pack is now available for 600 Marketplace points.
2. Some of the changes made to during the maintenance have been identified:
-Family Central (Under the games section) - Looks to be dedicated to games with the 'E' rating.
-In the profile section, users now have the ability to redeem pre-paid cards or purchase Marketplace points from their computer.  The pricing and point counts are as follows:
Redeem Pre-paid codes
-   500 pts - $6.25
-1,000 pts - $12.50
-2,000 pts - $25.00
-5,000 pts - $62.50
3. Major Nelson promised a full update of all the new features in his next Podcast.
Information courtesy of Major Nelson.