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PS Plus coming to Vita this November

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has announced that the PS Plus program is launching on the Vita this November. The portable version of the program will bring all of the same features and benefits that PS3 users experience on the smaller, portable screen. There isn’t any additional cost for the premium service on the Vita either, so being a member of the program entitles you to the benefits on both your PS3 and your Vita.

When the program launches in November, members will have access to the following on their handhelds:
  • Instant Game Collection: Although the specific titles have not been announced, users will get unlimited access to a a regularly refreshed selection of full version games that range from PSN to retail titles (so start stocking up on memory cards now).
  • Discounts: Content in the PS Store is regularly discounted up to 50% fo members of the program.
  • Online Game Storage: Plus members get a total of 1GB of online storage for their game saves and content.
  • Automatic Updates: Arguably my favorite feature of the program, is access to automatic updates. Your system will connect to Sony’s servers and download (and install) any applicable updates on its own. This includes system updates and title updates for any games that you have played in the past 30 days. This feature also includes automatic syncing off all of your trophy data on a nightly basis.