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Skylanders will take a Giant step onto the Wii U this Holiday

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo’s Wii U won’t be left out of this year’s Skylander invasion as Skylanders Giants has been confirmed for the new system this Holiday season. While the Wii U version won’t make the title’s original launch date of October 21, 2012, it is said to be planned for this Holiday season.

Vicarious Visions will be handling the port of the main game to Nintendo’s new console. Just like the other versions of the game, the Nintendo Wii U version of Skylanders Giants will consist of an entirely new adventure as well as new characters, including the all new Giant class and LightCore style characters.

Again, it is a little refreshing to see Nintendo keeping up with their competition right out out of the gate. This is exactly what they need to do if they want their home console offering to be taken seriously by the gaming world. It is time for them to run head to head in this industry race and stop playing catch up!