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King Arts announces a follow-up to Book of Unwritten Tales

by: Mike -
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Book of Unwritten Tales was a cult hit when it released in Europe, and the reviews given for it in North America a year later are no different. Developer King Arts games cemented themselves as a developer who knows how to bring back classic adventure titles, and they're at it again with The Raven.

The game is set to release in 2013 as of now, and will feature the investigation to catch the infamous Raven's Heir, a master thief who eludes capture time and time again. Pursuing the thief from Switzerland to Egypt will take cunning and intelligence as players follow the black feather clues left behind by the thief.

The partnership between Nordic Games and King Arts proved fruitful with Book of Unwritten Tales, so check out the trailer below for the look at their attempt to defend the adventure champion title.