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Indie bundle released today for Playstation Network!

by: Nathan -
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If you love indie games then this post is for you. Five of the best games developed by indie developers are available on the Playstation Store as part of an indie games bundle.

The games are
  • Wizorb -  A hard alloy of breaking bricks and RPG elements in a single game made by Tribute Games
  • Canabalt - An officially licensed version of the endless runaway hit game made by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman
  • Enigmo - Unique award winning 3D puzzle game created by Brian Greenstone and Pangea Software.
  • Galcon Labs - High-paced intergalactic galactic arcade-strategy game created by Phil Hassey.
  • BreakQuest - A genre defining interactive physics based break-out game released in 2004 by Felix Casablancas and Nurium Games.
The bundle is currently available in the North American Playstation Store for $6.99 and is available for PS3 and PSP. The bundle will be coming soon to the PlayStation Vita. 
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