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Rumor: Distributor leaks price and release date of the Wii U

by: Dan -
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Uh Oh.  Looks like the folks over at Video Products Distributors (VPD) may have some explaining to do.  Earlier today, a video on YouTube and a screen grab from VPD were making the rounds clearly showing off the price and availability of three different Wii U bundles.  According to CNET and Nintendo Life, VPD is a wholesale media distributor that counts Amazon, Overstock, Blockbuster and Newegg among its clients and is likely to have had someone pull this info directly from their Intranet site.
The street date in the screen shot and video is November 11th, with bundle prices at $249.99, $299.99 and $349.99.  That sounds about right, with Nintendo possible offering different bundles with more than one Wii U controller or packaged with specific titles.  As of now, this is only a rumor as these could merely be system placeholders for the actual product details that have yet to be officially uploaded (Best Buy, where I worked for 10 years did this a lot.)  As for the video and image, who knows how long these will be up before they are forced off the internet, but until they do this is the strongest indication yet of when and at what price the Wii U will be hitting the market.
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