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Dinobot DLC screenshots and other pics

by: Nathaniel -
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Yesterday, I told you about the new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Dinobot Destructor Pack DLC set for release on September 11.  This new multiplayer content will include the full bodies and individual body parts for use in the character creator for each of the four dinobots (Grimlock, Slug, Snarl, Swoop) included in the Dinobot Destructor Pack  

Today, Highmoon Studios has released screenshots for each of the new dinobot characters.

I just want to reiterate what I said yesterday and in my Transformers: Fall of Cybertron review: the ability to build your own transformer, even though it's from a limited set of stock parts, is a great idea and no doubt taps into the inner-child of anyone who ever owned a transformer action figure.  The addition of dinobots to this transformer creator just makes it even better.

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