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Armored Kill expansion for Battlefield 3 now on PS3, other platforms next week

by: Travis -
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The third digital expansion pack for Battlefield 3, Armored Kill, is available now on the PlayStation 3, with the Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions releasing next week on September 11. The new expansion includes four multiplayer maps, six vehicles, over 20 additional unlocks, and the Tank Superiority gameplay mode. One of the new maps included is touted as being the largest map in the history Battlefield games. Anyone that isn't a Battlefield 3 Premium member will have to pay $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points for the individual expansion pack.

Current owners of Battlefield 3 can upgrade to the Premium membership for $49.99 or 4000 Microsoft Points, which will secure all current and future expansion packs that total over 20 new maps and weapons as well as additional game modes and cosmetic items. Previous expansion packs include Back to Karkand and Close Quarters. Fans can look forward to future Battlefield 3 content with Aftermath in December and End Game in March 2013.

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