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Torchlight II to be released on September 20th

by: Chuck -
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It looks like the news of the Torchlight II release date broke earlier than expected today as the game's developer posted the  release date in its official forums this morning.  There will still be a big announcement later today but the cat is officially out of the bag. the game will be available on September 20th.

The game is only $20 and you can buy four copies of the game for the same prices as Diablo III which makes it a pretty good deal.  Why would you want to buy four copies of the game?  Well so you have people to play with in the co-op mode of course and since the game doesn't have any kind of intrusive always on DRM you're not going to be locked out of the game due to a crushing amount of people trying to play the game at once.

Thanks to the folks at Polygon for the tip.