Meet the snipers from Medal of Honor: Warfighter

by: Chuck -
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I know a lot of people have dismissed the new Medal of Honor:Warfighter games as just another military FPS series but I'm intrigued by how the games are focusing on the tales of actual military operators.  This  humanizes the action a bit more than something like Call of Duty or Battlefield.  This is probably because I was a military brat but I do see some differences in the approach to the games.

Anyway, the folks at EA have released the first of ten videos which are intended to introduce you to the roles you will play in Warfighter.  This week they are talking about the role of the sniper and how they provide overwatch for the assault team going into a mission and provide additional security on the way out.  There's also some interesting stuff about camo patterns and equipment that hardcore fans will enjoy.  The info doesn't come until after the 1:00 mark so feel free to skip ahead to get to the good stuff.

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