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Sacred goes beat’em up

by: Jeremy -
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Keen Games and Deep Silver is hard at work on the action RPG Sacred 3. Before that game launches though, Deep Silver has announced that Southend Interactive will be taking the series on a little excursion: to the classic beat’em up genre. Sacred Citadel was recently revealed and will deliver an entirely new experience for fans of the series.

Sacred Citadel is a new, stand alone title in the series which will set the stage for Sacred 3. The game gives players 3 different character classes to experience, each with their own skill set and customization options which are earned by gaining experience (completing missions and defeating foes). Perhaps the best comparison that I can make, based on the look of the game, is a modern version of Guardian Heroes.

You will  be able to play online with a total of 3 players and experience the adventure with strangers or friends. The game is being planned for release in early 2013 on the Steam, XBLA, and PSN platforms. You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below and see just how gorgeous it looks in motion.