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Gamescom 2012: Sony revamps the Cross Play initiative

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has been pushing the concept of cross play between PlayStation 3 and Vita titles for a while now. The feature has already been shown in a variety of PSN releases; at least with those games, buying one version on the PSN store netted you copies for both the PS3 and Vita. The same hasn’t been true for retail games... until now.

Sony revealed their improved cross play initiative at Gamescom this week and beginning this Fall, purchasing the PS3 version of a game available on both platforms will net you a free digital download of the Vita version. What does that mean? When PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches in November, there will be 2 separate purchase options. You could by the Vita version of the game for $39.99, or you could buy the PS3 version for $59.99 and get the digital version for free. This is definitely something that I, as a gamer, can get behind. Other titles announced to be using the same initiative include the new Sly Cooper game and the upcoming Q Force.