Meet Handsome Jack, your nemesis for Borderlands 2

by: Chuck -
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The folks at 2K Games and Gearbox have been busy with Borderlands 2 stuff today.  First they had to deal with internet firestorm over the n00b friendly mode of their post release DLC which was  internally called a "girlfriend mode".  While one could argue as to how big of a deal this really is, the current climate of the game industry regarding gender issues right now means that any tiny spark is going to start a giant forest fire of controversy. 

The second bit of news was releasing this new trailer for the game which has the protagonist for the game providing a bit of an overview of the classes of the game while doing a little bit of smack talk.  John and I played the game at E3 and were thoroughly entertained by it so despite today's controversy I think I will still be picking the game up at launch.

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